Saturday, February 23, 2019

Hudson Polar Plunge 2019

Gossips' coverage of the Second Annual Polar Plunge is less than complete. I share the best of the few pictures I was able to take and will provide the links to Dan Udell's and Lance Wheeler's videos of the event as soon as they are available.

I arrived at the beach late and left early because coverage of the chilly part of the Polar Plunge had to take a backseat to the chili part of the event. Gossips' Black Bean Chili was entered in the Great Chili Cook-Off.

Photo: Rachel Spath Kappel
(Here I am with my chili and Dorothy Heyl, who came by to sample the chili and share some gossip.) 

Alas, Gossips' Black Bean Chili did not win the coveted Blue Plunger award. That honor went to Morabito's Sub Shop & Deli.

I'm not even sure how many people voted for Gossips' chili, since, in this picture, Tamar Adler, who organized the hugely successful Great Chili Cook-Off, has her finger over the tally marks for Gossips' chili. (Was that intentional to spare my feelings?) I know a few people voted for it.

Photo: Rachel Spath Kappel
The Second Annual Hudson Polar Plunge and the Great Chili Cook-Off (attendees made a modest donation of $5 for all the chili they could eat) raised about $17,500 for the Hudson Youth Department and the Hudson Fire Department Water Rescue Team.

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  1. What a sore loser gossips chili is. She entered a contest and lost and all she can talk about is herself. Instead of discissing the winner who earned it and only got one sentence in the whole article. How rude and childish!