Monday, July 22, 2019

Back to Glenwood Boulevard

The post about Mrs. A. Tremaine McKinstry and her ill-fated cab ride to downtown Hudson from her home on Glenwood Boulevard prompted Jack Connor to share this picture of Glenwood Boulevard around 1919, which was part of an exhibition at the library last winter created by Friends of Oakdale Lake.

The photograph confirms the condition of the street a hundred years ago. Curiously, it appears that there was a sidewalk along that side of Glenwood Boulevard a hundred years ago, which doesn't exist today.

Connor also informed me that the vacant lot, which I had identified as 83 Glenwood Boulevard, was actually 81 Glenwood Boulevard. That suggests that the house on the right in the picture below, now bearing the number 85, was 83 Glenwood Boulevard, the home, according to the 1920 census, of Augustus Tremaine McKinstry and his wife, Helen.

Connor also provided this information about the houses and their early connection to the lake: "When the plot was originally developed, there was a road to the lake that went across the driveway on 81, through the back lot of 83 [85], across where the playground is now located, and followed the gravel trail to the little peninsula that juts into Oakdale. You can still see the remains of the trail in the path from the playground into the woods."


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  1. Just a note on the historic photo from the library exhibition on the history of Oakdale Lake: There are many people to thank for that photo and its clarity. It is a Rowles photo, part of a group loaned by Richard Koweek to Peter Frank of the Friends of Hudson Youth for Oakdale: Past & Future, the exhibit first shown at the Beach House at Oakdale and then in an expanded form at the library. The photos were all generously & painstakingly restored by Katrina Stair. They are available in digital form in the library's History Room collection. It does indeed take a village to maintain a village's history!