Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Meeting Reminder

The Common Council Legal Committee meets tonight at 6:15 p.m. in City Hall. Under consideration are two alternative laws to address the problem of substandard sidewalks in the city: the first would authorize the City to "remedy deficient sidewalks and assess the cost of same as a lien against the real property of the adjoining landowner"; the second would establish a Sidewalk Improvement District and levy an annual maintenance fee on all property owners, which would be used for the repairing and replacing sidewalks within the district.

Another new law being considered has to do with short-term rentals, commonly referred to as Airbnbs. The law would limit ownership of short-term rental property. According to the proposed law, an individual would be able to maintain his or her home as an owner-occupied bed & breakfast, but no could own more than one property used for short-term rental that is not owner-occupied. The link to the draft of that law can be found on the Common Council page on the City of Hudson website. 

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