Sunday, July 28, 2019

Recycling Guidance

DPW superintendent Rob Perry provided these posters, used at Boston College to educate on the fine art of recycling. They are very basic and geared toward college students, and they don't cover every kind of disposable generated by a household, but they may help clear up some of the confusion that had arisen here in Hudson in recent weeks about what can be recycled and what is trash.



  1. "Well-meaning 'aspirational' recyclers routinely confuse theoretical recyclability with actual recycling. While plastic straws, grocery bags, eating utensils, yogurt containers, and takeout food clamshells are all theoretically recyclable, they are almost never recycled. Instead, they jam machinery and lower the value of the profitably recyclable materials they are mixed with, like aluminum cans and clean paper. In addition, Americans are notorious for putting pretty much anything into recycling bins, from dirty diapers to lawn furniture ..."

  2. Go on the DPW webpage and try to find ANY information regarding guidelines for recycling and you will find NOTHING. The biggest change in recycling, perhaps ever, when China recently said NO MORE OF YOUR DIRTY RECYCLING. And what does Rob Perry do? Shrugs his shoulders, hands out a bunch of stickers and hopes people will get the point. Nice effort. Glad we pay you the big bucks to handle these things so professionally.