Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Progress of Troy's Fifth Try

Gossips has been following Troy's efforts to redevelop One Monument Square, where the city's mid-1970s concrete City Hall was demolished eight years ago, and comparing that struggle with Hudson's own efforts to redevelop the Kaz site. 

Photo: John Carl D'annibale|Times Union
Our last post on the subject was in May, when Troy had received four submissions to an RFQ (request for qualifications) for the project: "A Tale of Development in Two River Cities." 

Yesterday, the Albany Business Review reported that the City of Troy has chosen one of the four firms--Hoboken Brownstone Company--to be its development partner: "New Jersey developer picked for One Monument Square in downtown Troy." One wonders when HDC will make its next attempt to redevelop the Kaz site.

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  1. If the Kaz site was a vacant lot covered with trees and paths that people used to walk to the waterfront from the 2nd Street stairs, what would people be proposing as an appropriate use for the site? Just because there is a rotting old factory building there, does not mean it has to be replaced with some other large building or structures. When imagining the future and uses for land adjacent to the waterfront it may be best not to be influenced by what is already there. "Development" is a misnomer, and what is often labeled development by the proponents of construction is degradation. A better word to use when referring to land near and at the waterfront would be "restoration."