Wednesday, July 10, 2019

News from HHA

The monthly meeting of the Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissioners did not happen tonight for want of a quorum. Nevertheless, my perseverance in showing up was rewarded. Gossips learned from Alan Weaver, chair of the Board of Commissioners, that the proposal for the exterior renovation of Bliss Towers and the construction of two new buildings on State Street will not be pursued.

Weaver explained that, as a consequence of discussions with "the city and the state," the project, as depicted in the rendering above, which Mayor Rick Rector declared was "in almost complete contradiction" to the City's Strategic Housing Action Plan, is not going to happen. 

The agenda for tonight's meeting included, among other things, the following items:
  • Resolution #466 Rescind Resolution #458 State Street and Bliss Towers RFP award.
  • Resolution #468 Cause to prepare and issue Request for Qualifications and Proposals RFP for the construction of affordable housing.
  • Review new DRAFT Bliss Towers and State Street Development RFP.
  • Chairperson: Call to move to executive session to discuss Bliss Towers and State Street development project call with HCR [Homes and Community Renewal] and CPC [Community Preservation Corporation] Loan proposal.
Unless the Board of Commissioners decides to reschedule tonight's meeting, it will be September before there's a chance to learn about the new plans, because the board typically does not meet in August.

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  1. It is completely nonsensical to build large scale public housing in the City of Hudson. It is not the South Bronx. If it goes anywhere it should go out in Fairview Avenue where it is close to services like supermarkets drug stores and the High school. It’s called “walking distance”. .

    In America today. Shopping malls Re being redeveloped into residential housing. The infra structure is already there.