Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Presenting Their Qualifications

The DRI Committee--Mayor Rick Rector, DPW superintendent Rob Perry, city treasurer Heather Campbell, city attorney Andy Howard, Planning Board chair Walter Chatham, Council president Tom DePietro, and Chazen developer Julie Pacatte--met today to open the responses received to the request for qualifications (RFQ) for the renovation and restoration of Promenade Hill.

Henry Ary, Promenade Hill, 1854
Eight firms responded to the RFQ, representing both diversity in expertise--from engineers to landscape architects--and in location--from New York City to Rochester. Chatham called it "an amazing number of submissions."

The eight firms are:
The next steps in the process will be that the six members of the committee--Rector, Perry, Campbell, Howard, Chatham, and DePietro--will review the submissions independently and evaluate them using the scorecard that was included in the RFQ.

The firms identified through this evaluation process will be interviewed by the DRI Committee on July 23.

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