Monday, July 29, 2019

Meeting Amendment

On Sunday, Gossips reported what had been said at last Tuesday's meeting of the DRI Committee: that the committee would be meeting again on Tuesday, July 30, to make their decision about which of the three firms interviewed would be recommended to the Common Council as the firm to undertake the planning and implementation of the restoration of Promenade Hill and the plaza that is the entrance to the historic park.

Today, it was learned that the meeting will be conducted in a conference call. As soon as Gossips knows which of the three firms will be recommended, the news will be reported here.


  1. No public interaction I see.


  2. After so many public workshops is it possible that the only way to influence the Promenade's final design is to post a comment at Gossips?!

    For what it's worth, then, only the "3rd group" contemplates the astounding historical importance of the Promenade by promoting "sensitivity to place," "original design intent," and "reconnecting" place to history.

    Too few of us , even among our outstanding preservationists, fully appreciate what we have in the Promenade. In my opinion, the wisest approach to this particular treasure requires some scholarship in 18th century modes of perception.

    But we don't need to be scholars to honor the wishes of the Proprietors who left us the land "upon such terms as [were] prescribed by the grantor" (§C1-2). As law-abiding stewards of a significant historical resource, today's decision should be very simple thanks to a double obligation from the City's earliest days:

    1) we're obliged to honor the explicit design intent of the Proprietors who granted the land, because 2) the City Charter ensures that all such grant prescriptions are honored.