Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

A hundred years ago, John Robinson's Circus performed in Hudson on July 28, 1919. Here's the advertisement announcing the event, which appeared in the Columbia Republican on July 22.

What made front-page news in the Columbia Republican on July 29, the day after the circus, was not any part of the pageantry and spectacle of "America's Time Honored, Most Modern, Pre-eminent and Enormous Amusement Institution." Rather it was an incident that occurred during the "Free Street Parade" that preceded the day's two performances.

Curious to know where Engelke grocery was located (the successor of H. F. Koster Grocer, it was located at 403 or maybe 405 Warren Street), I discovered the following news item on the front page of the Hudson Register for August 25, 1915.

On November 10, 1915, the Register reported that Koster & Engelke had, as predicted, acquired a second autotruck for making deliveries. The faithful stead mentioned in the article above was still in service in 1919, but one suspects that may not have been the case for much longer after the incident with the circus parade.


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  1. What a day that must have been. And I’m struck that women were overcome, from the excitement, I guess -- “several women fainted” -- one doesn’t see much of that anymore. Out of style I guess.