Monday, August 12, 2019

A Long Time Coming

Tonight, the resolution authorizing the creation of a dog park will be introduced at the informal meeting of the Common Council. It won't be voted on until the Council's regular meeting on August 20. 

Dog owners in Hudson have been talking about a dog park for a really long time. Just how long it has been was poignantly brought to mind yesterday when, while looking for something else on Gossips, I came across this post from September 11, 2011.

Eight years have passed since Bo and his human presented that petition to the Common Council. Since then, Bo has gone to Rainbow Bridge, as have most of the dogs whose humans were advocating for a dog park back then. But there's a new population of dogs in Hudson, some whose humans are the same people who were advocating for a dog park in 2011, some whose humans are new to Hudson. Let's hope this Council allows the dog park to happen.

This picture of Bo and an unidentified friend was taken by Helen Arrott in 2011.



  1. A Long Time Coming; perpetual maintenance, who pays?

    1. The grass will be mowed and the trash carried away by DPW. This is City property, so they are already mowing the grass. All the other expenses of maintaining park--which are minimal--will be met by the same people who raised the money to build the dog park--the people who want it and will use it.

  2. "This is City property" Six years ago Unheimlich pointed out on this very blog, that a supreme court Justice said this land was similar to Notth Dock and remains vested in the State.

    Be that as it may, whoever the riparian is, moving the high water line forward to acquire more land use is verboton.

    But worry not, the city can always find a corrupt attorney to tell a future undisclosed half-truth, just like over in the South Bay.

    Eventually, incrementally what was once Bay becomes city property, just like the "property" beneath the DPW or the haul road.