Thursday, August 8, 2019

Deer in the Dog Park

Sometimes, heading back from our morning walk in the cemetery, Joey and I detour past the site of the future dog park just to check out how the grass is growing. This morning, we discovered two of a different species of four-legged grazing in the space.

The deer--both males--had entered from the woodsy area behind the dog park site and were prepared to retreat to the same place if Joey and I got any closer.

A secondary reason for heading down to Dock Street is to check out the progress on the trail head for the Empire State Trail being constructed on the site. On July 12, Gossips reported that work on the trail head would begin on July 16 and was expected to be completed by mid-August. The work did begin on July 16 or thereabout. The picture below was taken on July 19.

Since then no appreciable progress has been made. This picture was taken this morning.

The site looks the same as it did three weeks ago except now all the orange traffic barrels and bollards holding up the plastic fencing have been knocked over. Mid-August is only a week away.


  1. I saw an 8-pointer in there the other day, but he definitely saw me first.

  2. Shame that senior citizens aren't free to assemble there, to provide what city "leaders" can not.