Friday, August 9, 2019

Orange Is the New Gray

It took a long time to catch on (249-251 Warren Street has had its current color scheme for a decade or more), but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Hudson is about to get another orange building.

A proposal for 743-745 Columbia Street came before the Historic Preservation Commission this morning. The HPC does not opine on paint colors, because paint color does not permanently alter a building, so all that required a certificate of appropriateness was the new sign proposed for the storefront at the right.



  1. Egad. More foolishness. Here's the thing: We SHOULD opine on paint colour because it's important. Other historic districts do, because they realize that paint colours can alter the feel of a block or neighbourhood. We don't need any orange buildings, or purple or pink or black, or any unsuitable, unattractive colours. This should never be allowed. This kind of shortsightedness can be the ruin of a town.

  2. Again with the liberal nonsense." We will make decisions for you " When is it going to stop

  3. Who said anything about liberal/conservative? Good taste knows no politics.