Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Marketing Hudson

This morning, Lisa Durfee alerted Gossips to an unusual listing on Zillow: three multifamily houses--one on Clinton Street, one on Washington Street, and one on North Third Street--being sold together as a package deal for $980,000.

The three houses are currently owned by the same people, who live in one of them. The owners could have any reason for wanting to sell all their property in Hudson, but what seems odd is bundling the three together as a package deal. 

The copy accompanying the listing concludes, "Unique opportunity for someone to build their portfolio." That sentence, together with earlier reference to "great Music, Antiques, renowned art galleries and elegant restaurants" as the "key industries" that have made Hudson "the 3rd busiest train destination in the north east corridor," suggests that this package is being marketed to investors, as rental property, possibly short-term rental property.  


  1. Great news! For people who have no sense of community and only care about their property values and investment potential, that is! Haha! Cue - this is when the "great music, antiques, and art galleries" all begin to disappear, as well as the native people and everything else that gives Hudson character, while the "investors" everyone is so desperately looking for to "bring more money in", take over and ruin it all. Happening now, to many a Hudson Valley community, right before your very eyes...It's the new homogenization of rural America - a new version/invasion of "malls", but in the guise of being "quaint", "design", "craft", "art", and "restoration", and it's all for the good of (whose?) "community". While the war on the poor basically rages on and rampant displacement continues....Wealth inequality? What's that?!

  2. Pretty soon there will be on less art gallery on warren st, 362 1/2 is for sale.

  3. Wow Hudsonites, so quick to jump on the "evil" investors! As a neighbor to one of these houses, I can tell you it sat for all of last year on the market with no takers. I'd be thrilled if someone purchased it, fixed it up & used it for just about anything. It'd be a step up from where it is now-- sitting empty, uninhabitable with no water or heating system, falling into decay. What good does that do our commumity?

  4. Hudson is just one big conspiracy ...

  5. Christine Kastner submitted this comment in response to the post and, more specifically, to some of the previous comments:

    As the owners of the above “bundled properties” there are a few items we would like to address. The most important of all is this is not being done as a “sell to an evil investors-get rich quick scene”. My husband has lived in Hudson his entire life( therefore no one is more a Hudsonite than him) while I moved here 35 years ago when we purchased our home. We have lived in “Hudson” before the city is what it is today. Before the art galleries, elegant restaurants, music etc. This decision did not come as easy as people might think. For people who have no sense of community and only care about their property values: My husband and two sons are volunteer fireman for the city of Hudson, my husband was a coach for little league and pop warner, we brought up our three sons living in this city. My husband an sons ran a reputable seamless gutter business and construction company doing several jobs to make this city great. Last but most important the one property that is in “the neighborhood” that is “uninhabitable” is farther from the truth...this home is a two family that has had tenants living on the first floor for the last five years, the second floor was occupied prior to listing the home the first time. It was in the process of renovation when we were told to stop as someone might want to convert this home back to its “highest and best use” as the single family it once was..So the heat does work as we have some cold winters, and as for no water we all have city water and no well!
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell our side of “OUR LIFE” story! So please don’t judge a book by its cover....