Wednesday, August 7, 2019

HCSD and Its History

Yesterday, Gossips drew attention to plans to construct a new baseball field on the site of the historic Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Educational Center. 

Yesterday, too, the Hudson City School District released a statement explaining how it came to be that baseball and softball are not to be included, along with football, soccer, and track, in the lavish Bluehawk Sports Complex behind the Jr./Sr. High School building but are to be accommodated behind what is now the elementary school building. That statement can be read here

Although it appears the notion of constructing a new baseball field on the site of the historic field has been discussed with "various stakeholders" since last year, the final paragraphs of the statement indicate that plans have not yet been finalized. The demolition of the bleachers behind home plate, however, has begun and will continue. 
The District was recently presented with a design plan that includes these improvements [to operate in a safe and competitive fashion]. However, after careful consideration and public comment, we are not satisfied that these plans serve all the needs of the facility. We will continue to review our options to create a multiple use plan that meets the needs of our students and the community. The current priorities are that the dugouts and batting cages be located in a manner which allows the old track to be maintained for elementary school and community use, and that the fence not obstruct such use. We seek to retain the character and historic intent of the facility while bringing it into the 21st century.
Regarding the current scope of work at the site, we will continue with the removal of the bleachers behind home plate. This work was included in the most recent Capital Project, as the bleachers were deemed unsafe in a state-mandated Building Condition Survey performed in 2015. Once removal is complete, the area will be cleaned up and landscaped for safety and accommodation of District-owned portable bleachers. A final plan for the bleachers is under consideration as part of the larger upgrades to the facility.
According to the statement, HCSD is inviting comments about the project, which can be submitted to Discussion of the plans will continue in Facilities Committee meetings throughout the early fall. These meetings will be announced on the HCSD website and on the electronic sign in front of Hudson Jr./Sr. High School.

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