Saturday, August 31, 2019

Sad News

Photo: Facebook
WAMC announced this morning that Judy Grunberg has died. Grunberg, a long-time member of the WAMC Board of Directors, was the owner of the Blue Plate restaurant in Chatham and founder of PS21: Performance Spaces for the 21st Century. Many of us in Hudson know her as a strong ally in the battle against St. Lawrence Cement (1998-2005), serving as a member of the board of Friends of Hudson. She is known and admired throughout the region for her support of arts and culture, as well as environmental causes.

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  1. She was always chipper and engaging. If I recall correctly, she was also heavily involved with saving Crandell Theater, and helped start the Chatham Film Festival. She also ran ReWraps, a charitable shop that helps fund PS 21,and she supported local business ventures. She leaves quite a legacy.