Friday, August 23, 2019

DIY Marketing

Screen capture: Dan Udell
At Tuesday's Common Council meeting, before the vote was rescinded because of a blunder in parliamentary procedure, Chris McManus declared that he was "completely disappointed" that the Council had passed the resolution authorizing the Tourism Board to enter into a contract with Chandlerthinks. He displayed a flyer created for the new grassroots group "Our Hudson Waterfront" as evidence of what "a volunteer group can do with no money."

This afternoon, McManus is pursuing his plan for homegrown marketing by hosting "Hudson Tourism Branding Brainstorm!" The event is described as being:
For people who care about Hudson and how we brand our GREAT City for tourism. For people who want to leverage local talent for this project. For people who believe we deserve better than what's been proposed so far, please join our brainstorm. This is an opportunity to come up with better alternates with local solutions that benefit EVERYONE in Hudson.
The brainstorming begins at 5:30 p.m. today, Friday, August 23, at the Hudson Area Library, 51 North Fifth Street.


  1. How about a Marketing Moratorium? That might work too.

  2. Hudson doesn't need rebranding. It's a complete waste of money. Make it a nice place to be and people will come. What it needs, short term, are better sidewalks and fewer trucks going through. Lot's of quality of life issues here that are not being addressed.