Saturday, September 7, 2019

Eyesore on the Corner

Gossips has written many times about the buildings on the northeast corner of Warren and Fourth streets--the buildings that are supposedly being transformed into a luxury hotel. So far, the progress on the project, which has been going on since 2006, hasn't amounted to much more than the demolition of two historic buildings

On Friday afternoon, as the city was filling up with weekend visitors, there was another outrage associated with this project. A truckload of gravel was delivered to the site and dumped on the sidewalk in front of 406 Warren Street, the site of one of the missing buildings. The police were called, code enforcement was called, and workers were assembled to shovel the gravel off the sidewalk. This was the scene shortly before 4 o'clock on Friday afternoon.

At 5: 30, even more workers were on the scene trying to clear the gravel off the sidewalk.

At 6:30, when Gossips drove by but didn't stop to take a picture, the sidewalk had almost been cleared of gravel.

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  1. Wondering if this situation is an opportunity to make use of the derelict building law?