Thursday, September 19, 2019

Seeking to Be One of the Seven to Save

At the Common Council meeting on Tuesday, the Council passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to submit a letter of support for the nomination of the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse as one of the Preservation League's Seven to Save for 2020-2021.

Photo: Jonathan Simons
Earlier this year, the lighthouse inspired Gossips to create the imitative series Nine Not to Ignore, hoping to bring attention to the unique plight of this historic structure. Recognition by the Preservation League of New York State as one of the Seven to Save would bring enhanced service from the League to bolster visibility and build support for the lighthouse's preservation.

Hudson is no stranger to the Preservation League's Seven to Save program. In 2001, the entire city was named one of the Seven to Save because of the threat of inappropriate development. The inappropriate development was the St. Lawrence cement plant, the massive coal-fired plant which threatened to "irreversibly despoil the historic and scenic resources of not only the City of Hudson, but also the surrounding region including the Town of Greenport and the Village of Claverack." In 2005, 400 State Street, then the home of the Hudson Area Library but still owned by the Hudson City School District, was one of the Seven to Save. The threat to the building was deterioration and possible vacancy. In 2009, the Plumb-Bronson House, now known as the Dr. Oliver Bronson House, was one of the Seven to Save. The threat cited a decade ago was "many years of unchecked deterioration."

Gossips wishes the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society success in its pursuit of Seven to Save designation for the lighthouse.

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