Friday, September 6, 2019

Recent Unveilings in Hudson

The term unveiling is typically used to describe the removal of 20th-century siding from a 19th-century clapboard house. Today, it's being used to describe the removal of the EPA required screening from buildings where paint that may contain lead is being removed. In the past week or so, the screening has been removed from two buildings to reveal what's been happening behind the veil.

The first is 356 Union Street, where, as Gossips has noted in the past, all the work was done without a certificate of appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission.

Careful scrutiny of the building reveals that the rosettes in the tile of the mansard roof, which were not there a year ago, are back, although the contrast in the color of the slate is so slight, it is very hard to see them.

The second building recently unveiled is the Park Theater, at 723 Warren Street.

The restoration of the facade of the upper two floors is complete, painting and all. What remains is the restoration of the ground floor facade. Gossips has made this appeal in the past, but if anyone has a picture of the street level facade of this building as it originally was, I'm sure the building's owner would still be very grateful to see them. 


  1. 356 Union Street ... looking beautiful ... in spite of careful scrutiny ...

  2. Was gobsmacked this week by unexpected first sight of spectacular reveal of Shannan Magee’s improbable, heroic Park Theatre restoration! And some day, with any luck, the first known “there’s gotta be one out there” photo of the Park Theatre (1921-1936) will finally appear!

  3. Acknowledging the informative and unsolicited investigation and reporting of our city-past and present. We are fortunate to have Carole in our midst. Thank you for all you are doing. Becky S.