Tuesday, September 10, 2019

News of the DRI

Two weeks ago, Gossips reported that the DRI Committee had received nine proposals in response to its RFP for the "connectivity project"--the DRI project that combines the Complete Streets improvements in the BRIDGE District with streetscape enhancements on Cross Street and rebuilding the Second Street stairs and consumes the lion's share of DRI funding: $4.2 million. Today, the evaluations by the committee were to be analyzed and the three top-scoring firms identified. Those three firms would be invited to make presentations to the committee on September 24.

Interestingly, the task of identifying three firms based on the raw data from the evaluations wasn't readily accomplished. Two firms--Arterial and NV5--scored significantly higher than the others. After that, there were four proposals-- MJ Engineering and Land Surveying, Barton & Loguidice, Tighe & Bond, and SCE + OSD Outside--that comprised a "middle cluster," with scores that were pretty much the same. An analysis that considers things beyond the raw data will be used to determine which of the four firms in the middle cluster will be invited to be the third firm to make a presentation to the DRI Committee on September 24. Those presentations are to be a public process, beginning at 2:45 p.m. at 1 North Front Street.

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