Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Dining Out (Literally) in Hudson

Lots of us are getting vaccinated, so the world seems a bit safer than it did a year ago. Still many who want to dine out are reluctant to be indoors with people whose vaccination status is unknown. For this reason, and because the weather is starting to beckon us outdoors, it occurred to me to create a guide for dining out, literally--a list of restaurants in Hudson that are serving in gardens or courtyards or at tables on the sidewalk. The list reflects the current dining out situation. It will be updated as we move into Warren Street Seasonal Usage 2021, and more restaurants move outdoors. For now, the list can be found here


  1. And did you all know that pedestrians, yeah the people who walk, are exposed to people not wearing a mask. So someone please tell me is it more important to have a bite to eat outside wearing no mask or eat inside where no one is wearing a mask and would be your equal. Stop COVID. Dine inside.

  2. Com on! Read the science. If you are walking down the street with a mask on and briefly passing someone without one, there is nearly zero chance of you contracting it. If it scares you that much, stay home.