Thursday, April 8, 2021

Of Whales in New York

Back in October, Governor Andrew Cuomo's daily NYS Coronavirus Update, in its regular feature "Deep Breath Moment," shared this information: 
According to Gotham Whale, a NY-based whale research organization, young humpback whales appear to be coming to New York to chow down on Atlantic menhaden--one of the most important fish in the sea. Researchers believe that cleaner waters and increased conservation efforts have led to an increase in the fish population and hungry whales are following. 
Image credit: Roosevelt Island Historical Society
Today, the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, in its blog which focuses on the history of the five boroughs of New York City, features a post by Stephen Blank inspired by the same news from Gotham Whale: "Return of the Whales." In addition to reporting on the increase in the number of whales of different species spotted in the waters around New York City, the post explores the history of whales and whaling in New York and, of course, gives attention to Hudson and its whaling history.

Gratitude to David Voorhees for bringing this to our attention

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