Thursday, April 29, 2021

On the Truck Route

An audience survey taken during the public meeting on the Truck Traffic Route Feasibility Study on Tuesday confirmed the results of the online survey, which had been released earlier that day: the people participating in the surveys decidedly prefer Option 12.

In his opening remarks, mayor's aide Michael Chameides explained, "We need to demonstrate that Hudson and other communities will benefit from an alternate route." He also noted that New York State will make the ultimate decision about the truck route. Residents of some of the communities that would be affected by rerouting trucks out of Hudson were heard from on Tuesday night, expressing concern about traffic at the Bells Ponds intersection, trucks "already barreling on 9H and 23B," and rerouting trucks through the hamlet of Claverack. 

The next steps in the process are these, as defined by MJ Engineering and Land Surveying, the consultants doing the truck route study:


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  1. This part is the big stumbling block to rerouting. People have been paying public officials to keep the trucks away. I'll be pleasantly surprised if we actually are able to make this happen. Money talks.