Sunday, April 18, 2021

Political Intrigue

Roger Hannigan Gilson of The Other Hudson Valley reports on Facebook today about the legal challenge brought against Tiffany Garriga's Working Families Party petitions by Abdus Miah. Garriga is running against Miah, who is the incumbent, for the position of Second Ward supervisor. The name of the lawyer representing Miah and two other Columbia County candidates will be familiar to anyone who has ever witnessed the absentee ballot count in a close election in Columbia County in the past twelve or thirteen years. 

Garriga and Miah will be competing for the Democratic line in the primary on June 22.


  1. This is a sneaky underhanded way to silence people. If candidates disagree about policy, they should speak out on issues, not this BS. Totally unfair!

  2. The "far-left" Working Families party.
    The "moderate" Democratic Andrew Cuomo.

    Yeah. Whatever.

  3. The suit is not about the signatures gathered. It is a spurious challenge to the WFP officers’ and notary’s electronic certifications.