Thursday, April 1, 2021

Getting Vaccinated

Earlier this week, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New Yorkers 30 years of age and older could begin to schedule appointments and get vaccinated beginning Tuesday, March 30. New Yorkers 16 years of age and older can begin to schedule appointments and get vaccinated beginning Tuesday, April 6.

Gossips learned today that the pharmacy at ShopRite in Greenport is now offering appointments for the Moderna vaccine. Many people have been able to schedule an appointment for the very next day. The number to call is 518 312-9920.


  1. I'm "vaccine" shopping (for my own reasons). I want the Pfizer mRNA gene therapy and nothing else.

    So where is it?

    Columbia County hasn't offered Pfizer since 65-years was the County's cut-off age.

    The only pharmacy which claims to have Pfizer within 25 miles is Wallgreens, but they don't really have any.

    Instead, Walgreens which is about to go into the banking business is data-mining. So even though it's listed at as hving Pfizer, when you're done answering the automated phone questions which collects your personal information a robot voice announces "The vaccine is not in stock, goodbye."

    I'm reporting this to our Albany reps, including asking which counties ARE getting Pfizer, but we'll see if anyone really cares.

    It's offensive to be directed by my county government to a private entity, vaccinefinder, which then directs you to a business intent on gobbling your data until it gets what it needs then spits you out.

    Everything's totally FUBAR.

    (And don't ask me why I'll only use Pfizer, that's nobody's business but mine.)

    1. Why will you only use Pfizer? I got my shot at Columbia Green Community College 2 weeks ago by going on the Columbia County DOH website. It was super easy. I got my shot 2 days after signing up. There was a gymnasium full of people getting the jab, very well organized, I was very impressed. They post new shots at exactly 5 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. As fate would have it I got Pfizer but I would have been just as happy to get any of them. Why are you being so picky ?

    2. Read: Nobody's business but mine.

    3. The state site at SUNY Albany is doing Pfizer. That’s where I got mine

    4. Thanks for the tip Union Jack.

      The point is, why not Columbia County? Who's making the distribution decisions?

      The public has a right to know. But with crisis as the new norm, every level of government is exploiting every inch of opacity afforded.

      The public doesn't flinch in the never-ending crisis and government quickly adjusts to the new norm.

    5. I think much of the Pfizer doses were distributed to the large state/fema sites because they require the lowest storage temps, giving the others to smaller local places that don’t have the storage capability

    6. Now that's a reasonable answer. Thank you.

      Perhaps you should run for office, because nobody who's currently in office even knows who to ask.

      Columbia County did have Pfizer up to point, and someone above said they had it recently at Columbia-Greene. That wasn't advertised at, which is where the County is sending people for information.

      Late yesterday, reported that the County has Pfizer in stock, but the County website simultaneously reported "no clinics." That seemed pretty odd until this morning, when the claim disappeared from (where the County is sending people) and was replaced with the words "not in stock."

      So it's really only Walgreens that consistently claims to have Pfizer on hand, except that they don't have it either and they don't tell you they don't have it until they've collected all your data.

      Doesn't this level of ineptitude bother anyone else? How long do you have to wait until it does?

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  2. In Columbia County we take what we can get and have no say. Mostly Moderna but sometimes Pfizer and rarely J and J. When we do get J and J we're using it for the homebound . The links when posted at 5pm say which brand. I haven't heard any details for next week yet so start checking on Monday.

    1. Thank you Sarah, but can you explain why, at this late date, Columbia County must beg?

      My brother on Long Island says that Pfizer is everywhere. This makes me wonder if our own leadership is lacking, and that county residents are unquestionably accepting bad government (I'm NOT meaning you and the Supervisors).

      But if the reason for the county's begging at this late hour actually issues from the state level, then don't people want to know?

      I think it's probaby ineptitude at the state AND county levels, and that people are afraid to critize either because they're afraid to lumped in with the anti-vaccer movement, or anything that's politically right of center. And isn't that a great thing for inept government officials to hide behind.

      Again, I'm not talking about the Board of Supervisors, though can you ask whoever is responsible why Columbia County "has no say."

      I thank you for your honesty in stating that the county must take what it can get, and has no say. But does anyone really believe that accepting these circumstances is effective governance?

      If the state is the problem, then someone in County government should go to Albany and kick a few butts. We want people in government who'll fight for us.

      Another example of something that feels new: Why is the county steering people to a nonprofit for public health information when is notoriously inaccurate?

      Isn't someone in county government responsible for double-checking the veracity and value of the outside resource? I'm sure that it's someone job and that they're not doing it.

      Please, what are the names of these officials? Who should be in Albany haranguing people on our behalfs? What are the names of the state officials Columbia County must beg to?

      Pease, let's get this going. We the people are the government, and we need to know the names of our ineffectual leaders.

      "Having no say" doesn't cut it.