Friday, April 2, 2021

Recovery Kitchen Honored

As part of its Women's History Month celebration, the New York State Legislative Women's Caucus honored women who went above and beyond to serve their communities during the pandemic. Among the 48 Essential Women awardees were the three women behind the Columbia County Recovery Kitchen: Carole Clark, Pam Kline, and Carol Peckham. 

Said Assemblymember Didi Barrett, who chairs the bipartisan Legislative Women's Caucus, "The Recovery Kitchen's partnership with local farms and Hudson Valley chefs, as well as volunteer delivery drivers and local churches, epitomizes the notion of the community coming together."

Recognition well deserved!


  1. I phoned Barrett's office all day, both in Hudson and in Albany. And you HAVE to leave a message. (At least Daphne Jordan's office answers the phone.)

    This is a new approach to representation I've not encountered before. Do they think they're rock stars? Don't they know they work for us? They serve at the public's pleasure. After too long in office, though, the tendency is to feel increasingly entitled.

    Some advice to Assemblymember Barrett: Answer your G.d. phone!

    1. Update: I've since been told that Barrett's offices were "closed for a couple of days," which is fine except they didn't mention it in their outgoing message. Hopefully next time they will.