Monday, April 12, 2021

On Tonight's Council Agenda

Gossips just discovered that on the agenda for tonight's informal Common Council meeting is a resolution "calling for IDA restrictions placed on Galvan Foundation proposed housing projects at 75 N. 7th Street and 708 State Street." 

The resolution proposes these two recommendations:
  1. The Common Council encourages the IDA to decline the application for a PILOT tax abatement for the market rate rental housing development proposed for 708 State Street, Hudson, NY.
  2. The Common Council agrees with the PILOT tax abatement for the mixed-use rental housing development and encourages the IDA to stipulate that there will be NO involvement from Galvan Partners LLC, or any other for-profit subsidiary associated with any member of the Galvan Foundation, for any building management or construction management of either of the proposed building properties.
The second item above should probably make reference to "mixed-income rental housing" rather than "mixed-use," since both proposed buildings will be mixed-use, that is, residential and commercial. Only the building proposed for 75 North Seventh Street is to offer affordable housing based on certain percentages of the AMI (area median income).

The resolution will be introduced tonight, to be voted on next Tuesday, at the Council's regular monthly meeting.

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