Monday, April 19, 2021

Help for the Robert Taylor House

A Gossips reader out and about this morning took this picture. It appears that the hole in the north wall of the Robert Taylor House, which was the subject of a Gossips post last week, is being repaired this morning, by filling in the window opening with cement blocks.


  1. What a crime to add further defacement to an already defaced historic home. This once-beautiful house is being further defaced by these cement blocks.

  2. It’s activity , which I take as a good sign, a stop-gap remedy to hopefully delay further deterioration. Thank you. I would still like to meet Mr. Galloway. I’m not attacking — just concerned, and would like to meet at the hand of the Robert Taylor house and see repairs done in earnest.

  3. A response, at last. If this is what it takes - an expose in Gossips - then, be it. Clearly Galvan is not concerned about the decay of its historic properties. I would label it, heartless. Why bother amassing these special properties if neglect is your schtick. It takes forever for basic maintenance. Then an emergency public alert by a concerned citizen. Sure, there's an investment strategy (I guess) but allowing this kind of decay negates it all. If Galloway is overwhelmed, he should assess which properties should be passed on to private hands or foundations that demonstrate a true initiative of historic preservation and the funding to do it properly. Some properties should become museum sites not unlike the Cole House in Catskill. The Taylor House and the State St. former library are such properties. The Taylor House is a prime example of a unique vernacular style borne in Hudson. Definitely should be a property open to all once properly restored. Hudson doesn't have a history museum, it should. Its unique history should be showcased, and open to public visits. I imagine the arts being a centerpiece. dating from the Hudson River School to the present. Of course the architectural styles and so much more such as the various factories and whaling history (thank God that's over!). Cheers.