Sunday, December 11, 2022

An Unveiling on Union Street

At some point between this morning and the last time our dog walk route took us to this block of Union Street, the tenting around 253 Union Street was removed to reveal Hudson's most recently rediscovered and restored "Nantucket house."

Gossips has written about the Nantucket houses of Hudson in the past, so I won't repeat the legends and myths surrounding them. What is clear is that changes to these houses over time have obscured their original design. Such was the case with this house.

Galvan has owned the building since 2012, but it wasn't until this past June that Walter Chatham, representing Galvan, came before the Historic Preservation Commission to propose the changes needed to restore the house to its original Nantucket design: removing the existing siding and restoring the original clapboard beneath, replacing newer replacement windows with 12 over 12 wood windows, replacing the door with one patterned after the door of the already meticulously restored Nantucket house at 234 Union Street.

In the past, the house at 253 Union Street has been divided into apartments. It is not known what the future of the house will be after its restoration is complete.

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