Monday, December 19, 2022

More About What Happened on October 14

In the post about Chief Ed Moore's report to the Common Council last week, Gossips quoted from the victim's deposition about an attack that occurred at Warren and Second streets on October 14. That attack was also referenced in Zachary Bayman's letter to Council president Tom DePietro, which Gossips quoted in a post yesterday.

Today, Gossips received a press release from the Hudson Police Department that provides information about that assault and subsequent action. The press release, which follows, is titled "Juvenile Incident."   
On Friday, October 14, 2022, at approximately 8:40 p.m., the Hudson City Police Department responded to a report of a large fight at the intersection of 2nd Street and Warren Street. 
HPD responded immediately and spoke with the complainant, a 64-year-old man, who stated he had been attacked by a group of youths. He stated that some juveniles were blocking the sidewalk as he attempted to walk past. Allegedly the verbal exchange escalated and several of the juveniles began punching and kicking the man. Despite claiming injuries to his head, the complainant refused medical treatment at the scene.
The Hudson City Police Patrol division and Detective Bureau jointly investigated the above incident. During the investigation it was discovered that the youths allegedly involved in this matter were below the age wherein children can be held criminally responsible for their conduct (Raise the Age legislation--10/01/18)
The Hudson City Police Department conducted the investigation together with the Columbia County Probation Department and the Columbia County Attorney’s Office.
On December 19, 2022, two of the children that were identified by police received referrals to Columbia County probation for a PINS petition (Persons In Need of Supervision). The parents of the children have been notified.
If you have any further information on the above incident, reach out to the Hudson City Police Detective Division 518 828 3388.
Regarding the "Raise the Age" legislation, in February 2016, the Common Council unanimously passed a resolution, initiated by then Second Ward alderman Tiffany Garriga, in support of the legislation, which has then being considered by the state legislature.


  1. Hudson has always had a dangerous edge, that may make it appealing to the pioneer spirit.

    However, getting cornered at midnight on a porch when you are trying to enter your house can be disconcerting, especially if the aggressor is relentless.

    yes, there have been shooting and gang wars. the locals think of it as normal behavior. And it is, make no mistake about that.

    Hudson lives up to its port city flavor from days gone by. It just is the way it is.

    1. While your (defeatist and fatalistic) comment is about shootings, the post is not. This is about the untenable position our statewide “leaders” have put society in by providing blanket immunity to a class of minors who, properly, should have their skulls thumped by Billy clubs, not sent home to their apparently ineffective parents and guardians with only a stern talking to.

  2. Excusing aberrant behavior as quaint traditional "flavor" and accepting it as "just the way it is", makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Unfortunately, the current woke agenda that dominates our local politic converts the perpetrator into a victim and frames the actual victim as a deserving oppressor. This only exacerbates the problem and will contribute to the economic decline of the local tourist economy - which is the idea! Congratulations!

  3. Recently in city court, in front of Judge Connor, I watched and listened to the judge read the 27 outstanding violations for one individual who had failed to show up for several court appearances. Violations like trespassing, public drinking and exposure (while urinating), criminal contempt, harassment and so on, all "non-qualifying violations," which means, I guess, that this person can't be arrested and needn't show up to his court dates. For months. One person, 27 violations, and he's allowed to still spend his days in the 7th street park drinking and urinating and begging for money while sitting on the sidewalk along Warren Street. This person is in jail as of two weeks ago only because one of those violations, a qualifying one, was an arrest for "intent to sell a controlled substance," which occurred months ago. He likely won't stay incarcerated for long as the city court and County DA's office don't seem to know exactly what to do with him or whether he is competent to stand trial, as they discussed at length in court last week. So discouraging and concerning.
    Bill Huston

    1. Same individual failed to appear in court today because "he refused to leave his jail cell," as the judge and attorneys were told.

  4. Tiffany Garriga. Her legacy lives on. Let's not hold young kids accountable for their behavior. Why? Because they have grown up in an environment of discrimination and repression. So that gives them free rein to terrorize the rest of the Hudson community? And their parents get off scott free for their lack of parental supervision? Again I ask, who is paying the consequences?