Monday, December 5, 2022

Depot District Update

The Galvan Foundation is hoping to get funding from NYS Homes and Community Renewal to construct the apartment building proposed for 75 North Seventh Street. After they failed to get funding in the previous round, which happened in July, it is expected that Galvan will be re-applying in the current round. The deadline for submitting applications for this round is tomorrow, December 6.

Although funding has not yet been secured, the demolition of existing buildings required for the proposed new construction has begun. On Friday, the accessory building behind 65 North Seventh Street was demolished.

Photo: Billl Huston
This structure, along with the house in front of it, are included in the Hudson Historic District listed in the National Register of Historic Places. In the inventory prepared by Shirley Dunn in 1985 for the National Register listing, the accessory building is described as an "ice house." When the demolition required for the Depot District was considered by the Historic Preservation Commission on May 20, 2022, historian member Paul Barrett noted that its description as an ice house made the building a very rare survivor in Hudson. Beth Selig of Hudson Cultural Services, the consultant hired by Galvan to prepare the Alternative Analysis for the project, maintained that the building had been constructed as a stable or a barn, and there was nothing in the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps to suggest that it was ever an ice house. 

Whether it was an ice house, a barn, or a stable, it's gone now.


  1. And Galloway continues to bulldoze his way through Hudson to serve his own greed, regardless of the damage being done to the historic fabric of the City. This must be what he means by "the common good", but as you say Carole - it's gone now (the ice house and the common good).

  2. Wow, what a great old barn, what a shame. They call this community renewal? It should be called community destruction. Repeat of 1970s, what short memory, people never learn.

  3. In the barn's place (as well as the houses') will be concrete ugliness and too many people. That is, if GALVAN's plans for the common good/ greed come to fruition. B Huston

  4. the new building is too big for hudson, and completely out of scale. Why turn charming Hudson into the redeveloped South Bronx ?

    is this really for the common good, or for the balance sheet of Eric Galloway and Co. ?