Friday, December 9, 2022

Catching Up with the Housing Trust Fund

The Housing Trust Fund Board met this past Monday, December 5. The meeting as initially announced on the City of Hudson website was to be in person only, but, as it turned out, it was virtual. The meeting can now be viewed on YouTube. At the end of the meeting, Housing Justice Director Michelle Tullo announced that henceforward the Housing Trust Fund Board would be holding hybrid meetings.

Some things of interest were discussed at the meeting. Tullo reported that the Anti-displacement Learning Network grant was coming to an end, and as of January 2023, all programs would be funded by the Housing Trust Fund. Among those programs is the Hudson Roots Housing Assistance Program, which is administered by Greater Hudson Promise Neighbor.

During the discussion of the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) budget for 2023, which must be approved by the board of Hudson Community Development and Planning Agency (HCDPA), Council president Tom DePietro, who sits on the HTF Board, commented, "I'm so troubled by this HCDPA relationship. They should have very little say in what this group does . . . how they spend their money." Speaking of the presentation of the HTF budget to HCDPA, DePietro said, "We should be there to make sure they understand they have no say in this."   

The proposed HTF budget for 2023 includes $50,000 for programs and policy development, $35,000 for Hudson Roots and $15,000 for the expenses in developing overlay zoning and policy for granting tax exemptions to landlords who rent units at below market rate. The overlay zoning being considered would allow for more flexibility and greater density by allowing smaller buildings, more multifamily housing, and accessory dwellings.

Tullo also reported that BFJ Planning, the group hired in July to serve as consultants for the Housing Trust Fund, is almost ready to present their findings regarding the City's vacancy law and establishing inclusionary zoning. 

The recording of the entire meeting can be viewed here.

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