Friday, December 2, 2022

Yesterday You Saw It, Today You Don't

Yesterday, Gossips reported about a confusing array of signs recently positioned on South Third Street, just off Warren.

Today, the sign that made the message confusing is gone.

Rob Perry, superintendent of the Department of Public Works, told Gossips he didn't know why the sign had been placed there since its message did not apply.  

Curiously, the white pickup truck that appears in the picture above, parked where parking is forbidden at any time, was there in the early afternoon, when the picture was taken, and was still there several hours later, when Gossips revisited the site.


  1. There should not be any parking allowed for the entire stretch of S. 3rd. For some odd reason, or no reason at all, parking is allowed between Cherry (?) Alley and Union. The street is much too narrow considering how many enormous trucks come and go there. Unnecessary and unwise. Someone is not paying attention.


  2. Peter Spear submitted this comment by email:

    This is a beautiful example of how the Planning Gap works in Hudson, which I define this way:

    In the absence of a professional planner in the City of Hudson whose job it is to ensure that the words and actions of the City of Hudson adhere to the shared vision of the community encoded in a contemporary Comprehensive Plan, the City of Hudson remains (at best) incoherent to itself and it's residents.

    The good news is that the Mayor’s office has indicated an RFP for a new Comprehensive Plan is forthcoming. This is cause for celebration, even though it is a multi-year process.

    I could be wrong, but I thought these spots were created due to the parking mandates when Fish & Game opened.

    I also recall that Alta Planning strongly recommended they be eliminated when they worked with the City to direct the Empire State Trail through town.

    My question is this:

    When did the City of Hudson decide to paint that curb, what information did they use to make that decision, and where is the documentation of this process?

    1. Peter - I can't speak to the backstory of the yellow curb on 3rd, but I can tell you that until recently the only sign there was the one that was removed yesterday. So we had a yellow curb and simultaneously a sign allowing parking for certain hours. For years. The NO PARKING sign arrived recently. Another "sign" of dysfunction, poor communication and oversight, poor execution, and of course, mismanagement. It's on display all over town.

      The biggest problem, though, is the lack of accountability. For at least 9 years, Chief Moore has been answering questions at cc meetings (or at least taking them) about traffic and parking and he has no authority to do so - only the HPD commissioner does, according to our code. But since the commissioner, now Shane Bower, never shows up to meetings, what is one supposed to do? Just hope stuff gets handled properly outside of the public gaze? Will Ed talk to Shane? Who is Shane accountable to?

      A year ago, DPW yellowed the curb in front of the Maker because, according to Ed Moore, there was a " dangerous situation" there, no details given. 2 parking meters were removed so the hotel and restaurant could have their own spaces on Warren, rent free, that they were begging for, maybe even demanding. We lose revenue, at least 8 bucks a day (no more quarters, no more tickets). I asked Shane about this at his only meeting appearance in recent memory and he refused to give me any details about the meter removal. Hey acted like I was an enemy of the state, "Mr. Huston, I am not on trial and I don't have to answer your question." So I FOILed for documents. Nothing. Not one scrap of paper about who, what and why those 2 parking meters were removed, like it never happened. This was, unfortunately, not at all surprising to me. The dysfunction becomes the norm and it's either ignored or accepted by most everyone as "the way it's always been done." That's never good or sustainable.
      B Huston

      Bill Huston

  3. What good was the old comprehensive plan and what makes anyone think a new one would be of any use as well?

  4. Curb striping or painting is used in drop-off and pick-up zones to clarify parking and other curb use rules. The color painted on curbs means:

    White (or no color): Parking allowed, unless restricted or limited by signs.
    Blue: Parking for the disabled only. Motorists must have a disabled person parking placard (typically hanging on the rear view mirror) or disabled person or disabled license plate.
    Green: Parking allowed for a short time. The time is usually shown on a sign next to the green zone, or may be painted on the curb. Green curb can also be used for student loading zones if accompanied by the appropriate signs.
    Yellow: Stop only long enough to load or unload passengers. Drivers are usually required to stay with their vehicle.
    Red: No parking. Red curb may also be used in NO STOPPING or NO STANDING zones in conjunction with the appropriate signs. A bus may stop at a red zone marked for busses. Red is also used to designate fire lanes at schools.

    1. Gee, Chad, that's helpful and generous of you. I will print this out and keep it in my car for reference in case I am confused about parking along a painted curb.

  5. Why did it have to take a post on Gossips to have this fixed? What else it out there that needs equal, but yet to be seen, addressing? Never mind. I'm sure I don't want to know.

    1. Why? Because, as I mentioned, someone is not paying attention, and in this ridiculous case of the unwelcome signs, that person not paying attention makes $117,000 a year. And he takes orders from no one. We have a mayor, but he also is not paying attention, is barely steering the ship and is not expected to. He lets the department heads do their own thing, as they have always done, which is often inadequate or non-existent effort. Time for a city manager to take charge of this now bustling and developing and bursting at the seams little city. Or allow things to be done as they always have been done and wait for the damage. Yes, the sign embarrassment on 3rd street is essentially an enormous red flag: TROUBLE AHEAD!