Thursday, December 15, 2022

Ear to the Ground

has learned that Dan Grandinetti will be the new executive director of the Columbia County Youth Bureau. This was confirmed by Claire Cousin, county supervisor for the First Ward. Asked by Gossips to comment, Cousin said, "I believe it has been a long time since we have had leadership that is willing and able to grasp and address the gaps in youth programming in our county. The solution is deeper than a 'good' program, and through this position I believe we can provide more resources, support, and opportunities for the young people of Columbia County."

Before his unsuccessful run for mayor in 2005, Grandinetti was Youth Commissioner for the City of Hudson, a position for which he was initially paid an annual salary of $46,000: "Grandinetti is named city youth commissioner." There's more about that in this Gossips post from 2012: "Everyone's a Critic." 

Grandinetti was born and raised in Hudson, but he has lived in Rensselaer County since 2007. 

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  1. The issue with the "young people" isn't a lack of "lack of resources (such as?), support (huh?) or opportunities" it is a lack of parental supervision. Let's be clear: we're talking about Hudson. You don't hear of gunshots being fired in Chatham, or gangs (calling it for what it is) of minors hanging out on a Friday night in Stuyvesant, or people being beaten up in the street in Kinderhook. Be honest, this crap almost always only happens in Hudson. While I wish Mr. Grandinetti good luck, I'm hoping his office is based in Hudson and look forward to hearing what innovative suggestions Ms. Cousins has for him since she seems to know all that is lacking to help "the young people of Columbia County".