Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Continuing Saga of the Sidewalk Law

It has been announced that the Common Council will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, December 28, to pursue the sidewalk law. The meeting is to be a hybrid, taking place in person at City Hall and on Zoom, but the announcement that appears on the city website suggests most of the meeting will take place in executive session. The website provides this information about the meeting's purpose:

1) To discuss Proposed Local Law Introductory J, creating a Sidewalk Improvement District, with City Attorneys in an executive session.
2) To consider the act of laying the proposed local law on the councilmembers' desks pursuant to NYS Municipal Home Rule Law.

To join the meeting remotely, click here.



  1. Does anyone really - REALLY - think anything is going to be done about the sidewalks? Honestly. How long has this debate/discussion been going on? Just like the truck route.

    1. Even if a plan is approved, the entire project will take at least 5 years to complete. No, probably closer to 15 since we are in Hudson. Then it will be time to start over.
      Who is doing the actual concrete work, anyway? Colarusso? They installed several curb cuts all around town last November. Two on State Street and one on N. 5th were cracked within a few weeks but the city/DPW is fine with shoddy work.