Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Last Shall Be First

Acknowledging private contributions to civic projects is important, but sometimes in Hudson the acknowledgments seem a little disproportionate. Case in point is the plaque at the newly redesigned entrance to Promenade Hill, acknowledging the contribution of the Colarusso family.

The redesign of the entrance to Promenade Hill cost close to $2 million. Of that amount, $1.1 million came from DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) funds awarded to Hudson back in 2017. When it was determined that the $1.1 million would be insufficient to realize the new design as it was proposed, the H. van Ameringen Foundation contributed $650,000, and the Colarusso family contributed $100,000. Granted without these contributions, cement would have to have been used for much of the design instead of stone, and the final result would be far less appealing, so gratitude is due, but it seems odd that the first (and for now the only) private donor to be acknowledged is the one that contributed the least.

There's something similarly disproportionate at the Bluehawk Sports Complex at Hudson High School. Here there is a plaque that thanks the taxpayers of the Hudson City School District and the Galvan Foundation.

It's not clear exactly how much was spent on the Bluehawk Sports Complex. It was part of a $20 million capital project approved by the taxpayers of the Hudson City School District in 2016, which included the most recent addition to Montgomery C. Smith Elementary School as well as the sports complex. It can be assumed that at least $10 million was spent on the sports complex. Galvan contributed $200,000 for such "extras" as an 8-lane track, steeple chase, an electronic scoreboard, and two long-jump pits. Yet the taxpayers of the HCSD and Galvan are acknowledged equally on the plaque.


  1. Here's my suggestion-- park that Colarusso plaque in front of their rusting, crumbling pile of crap on our waterfront next to the Henry Hudson Waterfront Park.

  2. So many things in town that make no sense. Take the ONE and ONLY sign at the entrance to the new Promenade Hill, one that has been there a long time: it directs people to the Riverfront Park. No sign at the entrance welcoming visitors to Promenade. No signs anywhere warning against bicycles or smoking or drinking in the park (7th street park has no shortage of them). Nothing, except for a sign for the OTHER PARK. GENIUS!
    Sometimes you have to wonder who makes the decisions in Hudson, or if anyone at City Hall is even included in the process. It's not very encouraging, is it?
    So, you say, City Hall is going to figure out how to solve the sidewalk problem? When, exactly, and who will see it through to its successful completion? Kamal Johnson? Tom the President Depietro? Robert Perry, Jr.? The so-called legal committee made up of non-lawyers? Or will there soon be a resurrection of the defunct SIDEWALK committee? Take your pick, none of them will be any help.
    B Huston

  3. Didn't Colarusso build the park? So how much of the $1,750,000 were they paid to do the job? So how exactly is $100K a donation as opposed to a discount on the most likely padded costs of construction? It's almost comical.

  4. The "Sports Complex" that is now sitting mainly idle since the HS football team couldn't get enough players. Well they HAD players but they were failing their classes and so not eligible. I guess no one told them that the sports heroes they see on TV signing multi-million dollar contracts had to actually pass their classes not just show up. So instead the HCSD gifted the taxpayers with a huge engraved sign to remind them of how their money was (once again) misspent. The next time the HCSD has a big ask, all we have to do is point to the sign.