Thursday, December 15, 2022

Fact-checking Galvan

This morning, the Galvan Foundation, now calling itself "Galvan Center for the Common Good," published this post on Facebook. 

Of the more than 225 units of mixed income housing Galvan claims to have created or preserved, the great majority are the ones Galvan took over from Housing Resources of Columbia County in 2014. Interesting too are the buildings chosen for the collage that accompanies the post.
Upper left: These two buildings, 102 and 104 Union Street, were constructed by Galvan in 2011. Neither building is currently owned by Galvan. Both were sold in recent years for about $750,000 each.
Upper center: This house, 215 Union Street, was constructed by Galvan between 2014 and 2017, using some of the materials salvaged from 900 Columbia Street, the historic house demolished by Galvan in 2013. It is currently leased to a friend of Eric Galloway.
Upper right: This house, once owned by Timothy Dunleavy, was acquired by Galvan after Dunleavy's death in 2015. Galvan completed the restoration begun by Dunleavy. The house is currently being leased as a single-family home.
Lower left: This is the birthplace of General William Jenkins Worth, 211 Union Street. After its renovation by Galvan, it was leased to the same tenant for eight years. In 2020, Galvan would not renew the lease (the rent at that time was $2,150 a month), explaining that the house was to be sold. It was sold in January 2021 for $1,025,000. 
Lower center: This apartment building at 356 Union Street was restored and renovated by Galvan from 2018 to 2020. In March 2021, when the restoration was complete, it was sold for $1.1 million. 
Lower right: The restoration of this building, 260 Warren Street, which Galvan acquired almost twenty years ago, was finally completed in 2019. The ground floor is now the location of Lawrence Park. The building also contains three two-bedroom apartments.


  1. I’m shocked! Shocked!! Galvan full of shit?! Crikey. Did they invent the smoke enema or just perfect it?

  2. Liars liars pants is on fires!