Wednesday, March 8, 2023

On the Subject of Parking

Yesterday, an article appeared in the New York Times that allows us to see our particular parking issues in a national context: "Awash in Asphalt, Cities Rethink Their Parking Needs." Although Hudson may not have the kind of vast parking lots found in nearby Greenport, we have our share of asphalt expanses, and the issues discussed in the article have relevance for us.


  1. Getting rid of parking requirements for developments may be the trend these days all over the country, but here in Hudson it is particularly troublesome. Jon Forster, the parking consultant hired by the city, just told us, over and over, that the city needs to add parking capacity if we are going to be able to handle the surge in vehicles looking for spaces to park in Hudson in the near future. Yet, a proposal like GALVAN's 30-room hotel and restaurant at 4th and Warren (!) is allowed to move forward without any off street parking when everyone knows there is not nearly enough parking available near that intersection for a development of that size. We do not have an overabundance of parking in Hudson, especially on and near most of Warren Street on the weekends. But City Hall and the Planning Board act as if we do. Forster would agree with me, I think -- without added spaces downtown, the city needs to reinstate the parking requirements for developments, especially those attracting lots of vehicles. Otherwise, things are going to get truly ugly.

  2. There is plenty of asphalt down by the waterfront that should be eliminated. The problem here is the city govt. does not actually represent the residents who voted for them. Instead they push their own agenda. How do more hotels and housing projects benefit the residents of Hudson, (they don't). What would benefit the existing residents? Lower rents, here is what is going on in Kingston:

  3. no, we do not need more parking in this city.

    what we do need is a county and a school district that doesn't fence off their unused and untaxed asphalt from city usage.

    john l edwards vacant parking lot has 75 spaces. plenty for galvans latest grift, 500 feet down 4th st.