Thursday, March 23, 2023

A Vision of Hudson

Back in April 2022, the City of Hudson entered into an agreement with CGI Digital to be part of a Community Showcase Video Program "to create a series of videos highlighting businesses, organizations, attractions, natural resources, and communities within Hudson." Gossips reported on the project in July 2022. 

Yesterday, the videos were released, four of them, with the titles "Welcome," "Parks and Recreation," "Food and Entertainment," and "Organizations." All four of them can be viewed here. A link to the videos is also on the landing page of the City of Hudson website. Appearing in every one of the videos, sometimes more than once, is this stretch of Warren Street.



  1. So how are these supposed to be used (since we no longer have a Tourism Board)? While the "optics" of each video are pretty and they paint a very rosy picture, they seem to me to be very one dimensional (hint: there is more to Hudson that Warren Street). I guess they could be called "fluff pieces", but if they are meant to attract visitors, homebuyers or potential business owners I'm not sure they are at all compelling (if that's what they are meant to be). Does anyone know what other towns participated in the program? I'd be interested to see what was created for them.

    1. Click on the link provided in the post for CGI Digital. You can see some examples of videos done for other cities. They are all pretty much the same, but they were free!