Monday, March 27, 2023

Today's the Day

The sidewalk law, which establishes a citywide sidewalk improvement district and levies an annual maintenance fee on all properties whether or not they are exempt from property taxes, was subject to a permissive referendum. To trigger a referendum, a petition protesting the law had to be filed with the city clerk within forty-five days after the law was enacted. The number of signatures required on the petition had to be equal to at least 10 percent of the total number of votes cast for governor in Hudson in the last gubernatorial election. In this case, that number was calculated to be at least 204 signatures.

According to Gossips' calculation, which was confirmed by the city clerk at the last Council meeting, the forty-five days is up today. So far, there has been no word of a petition being filed or of a petition being circulated.

1 comment:

  1. No surprises there. This town can't even muster enough petitions to get a full common council ballot, why would we expect anyone to care enough about this obscure thing. People will only inform themselves about this when the bill comes in, and then when it quadruples after a year when they figure out how much money they'll really need to take on this grand adventure and administer it. Question for the legal armchair experts: does this now make the city a party in any possible future slip & fall lawsuit due to negligent property owners?