Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Competition for Galvan

Since 2020, The Spark of Hudson has established a universal basic income program, paid the back rent for Housing Hudson Authority tenants, funded the redesign of Charles Williams Park, settled the medical debt for Hudson residents with Columbia Memorial Health, and helped finance extending the Shopping Shuttle's hours of service. Today, The Spark of Hudson announced its newest initiative: an affordable housing program called HudsonDots. The following is quoted from the press release announcing the program:
The Spark of Hudson has launched HudsonDots, an affordable housing program with a community-centered approach, located in Hudson, NY. HudsonDots aims to ensure warm and welcoming homes for our community, stabilize rents, and create additional affordable housing. Newly acquired, multiple-unit houses “Dot the Hudson landscape – hence the name, HudsonDots,” explains Susan Danziger, founder of The Spark of Hudson. . . .
In the past eight months, nine properties in the City of Hudson have been purchased, which include houses that require serious renovation as well as others that require minimal work, intended for tenant relocation. Tenants have started moving into previously vacant, restored and freshly painted houses that include new furniture selected by tenants and purchased by HudsonDots.  
Tenants will have the option of returning to their original homes post-renovation. HudsonDots houses are being renovated by Build Hudson, a new company that hires and trains Hudson residents in building construction. Danziger explains, “We are proud to be Build Hudson’s first customer. It’s a ground-breaking job-training initiative that supports local youth/young adults; trains them with marketable skills; and ensures that funds for construction stay in the community.”. . .  


  1. This sounds like an excellent program! Hudson is in desperate need of building contractors and providing young people with a training in a much needed trade is spot on. Well done to "the Dots" and Build Hudson!