Sunday, April 30, 2023

About the Wellness Hub

On April 19, Mayor Kamal Johnson and Matt Murell, chair of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, announced that Congressman Marc Molinaro is requesting $5 million in federal funds for the Wellness Hub in Columbia County. We've been hearing about the Wellness Hub for a while now, and sometimes it seems it will be located in Hudson. That is not the case. The site for the Wellness Hub is in Greenport, not far from the county jail. On Friday, there was an article by Roger Hannigan Gilson in the Times Union that explains the project: "'Wellness Hub' would divert those in crisis from courts, motels and ER."


  1. Love to know what federal funds Rep. Molinaro expects to draw from, since he signed on to the GOP "budget" that would mandate a 22% across-the-board cuts to most federal programs. This guy hides his cowardice (or complicity) behind a barrage of folksy localism, offering zero push back to MAGA's radical right wing bullying and debt ceiling extortion.

  2. Yeah, God forbid anyone have a different approach to out of control government spending.

  3. What's the approach here--slash and burn budgets or tank global economy, triggering a depression? How's this approach: Roll back 2017 tax cuts for for the wealthiest Americans, who pay wayyyy lower rates than the rest of us? PS: Historically, deficits have ballooned under Republicans and diminished under Dems. Jobs creation exactly the opposite. Just fact. Under Obama, we actually had a balanced budget. So talk to me about the brilliant GOP approach. I'm all ears.

  4. You two can go back and forth with your Fox/CNN cosplay; I'm just happy to see the possibility of Columbia County starting to pull it's weight when it comes to these type of projects. For far too long the rest of the county has sat back and crammed every possible housing project and social service inside the two square miles of Hudson.

    1. The point you make is good but your snide opener is myopic. It's completely relevant to this discussion that our Congressman is on one hand asking for federal funds while at the same time voting for across-the-board 22% cuts in nearly all federal assistance--and using the threat of economic destruction to achieve that end.