Tuesday, April 25, 2023

News of Today's Auction

The mayor was there (with his younger child), the mayor's aide was there, the Common Council president was there, the city attorney was there, but no one was there who wanted to buy either 10-12 Warren Street or 429-431 Warren Street.

The format of the auction today was sealed written bids, and no sealed bids were submitted. Now it is up to the Common Council to decide what happens next.


  1. Do we know how many potential bidders inspected each building?

  2. Who wants to bid on properties encumbered by all sorts of ifs, ands and buts from the City Council ? For almost a million dollars for as the entrance fee. No-one.

  3. Most people go to auctions for a bargain and don't usually have 600 or 900k cash to plunk down for an old, poorly maintained building. To sell for this price it should be put for sale through a realtor on the open market. If the rules don't allow that, it may be time to change them.