Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Just Beyond Hudson

On November, Gossips reported that the Galvan Initiatives Foundation was now calling itself on Facebook "Galvan Center for the Common Good."

Recently, a reader venturing out to the vicinity of Bells Pond noted a new sign at the former Sunset Motel and 
sent Gossips a picture. As indicated by the sign, the Galvan rebranding has extended to the Galvan Civic Motel. The original sign . . . 

has been replaced by this one . . . 

with the enigmatic tagline "Centering the Public Good."

The new sign like the old sign is anchored in a weedy raised bed.


  1. "Centering the public good". What kind of grammar is that? The weedy raised beds speak volumes!

  2. I think the guaranteed revenue that Galvan gets for "the common good" is about three thousand dollars per room per month.

    It is a huge money maker and the County has agreed to renting it 100 % of the time, full or not.

    the Commoners in Columbia County got taken for a Galvanastic ride.

    1. The poverty industry is big business.

      They're raking in money all under the pretense of "the common good". And us taxpayers are along for the ride.

  3. They'll do the same thing with their hotel at 4th and Warren: change the Hudson Public House sign to read The Galvan Public House, and make it as ugly as possible. Dan Kent will tell us it's an improvement for the community.

  4. It would be good for the Public if they would plant some flowers and shrubs and get rid of the weeds, but I guess that's too difficult.