Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Sentencing Announced

The last time Gossips mentioned DiQuann Powell was almost a year ago when, after being found guilty, he leapt over his defense attorney and tried to escape from the courtroom. Today, District Attorney Paul Czajka announced that Powell has been sentenced to "a total of fifty years to life for several crimes, including murdering a New York City man, attempting to murder a Columbia County woman, and assaulting and seriously disfiguring a Columbia County man." 

The following is quoted from a press release issued by the District Attorney:
Upon announcing his sentence, Judge Jonathan Nichols spoke directly to the defendant, saying that the "brutality and violence" perpetrated in this case "cries out for the maximum sentence provided by law." Nichols issued orders of protection on behalf of the victim's family for a term of ninety-nine years. . . .
The investigation led by retired Hudson Police Chief L. Edward Moore and [Deputy Chief] ADA [Ryan] Carty revealed that the victim's death was a culmination of a nine-month, back-and-forth gun battle between two warring groups within the city of Hudson that took place in the summer of 2017.
The dispute between the two groups began on November 24, 2o16, when Powell assaulted and attempted to rob a man with a gun, pistol whipping him in the face and causing him to lose sight in one eye. Months later, Powell and another attempted to shoot the same man, but the bullet hit the bystander in the chest instead.
Powell, known by his "street" name "DaDa," is serving time in prison at Attica Correctional Facility on a separate first-degree assault charge out of Albany for shooting the bystander's brother. . . . 
"While I don't consider sending a young man off to prison a joyful occasion, today's sentencing is a testament to the hard work of all involved with the investigation and successful prosecution of this case," said newly appointed Chief Mishanda Franklin. "I hope that today offers some closure to the victim's family, and they may find peace in knowing that justice was on their side."
"There is no celebration when you send a young man off to prison," retired Police Chief L. Edward Moore said. "Only the satisfaction that all the hard work brings some closure to the victim's family and that justice was served." 

The sentencing is the subject of this report in the Register-Star: "DiQuann Powell gets 50 years."

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