Saturday, May 13, 2023

Nature Unleashed

It's May, the time of year that the spirea is in bloom. Three years ago in May, Gossips mourned how the spirea bushes in the Public Square had been pruned--"three pruned into precise cylinders, mirroring the shape of the trash barrel and orange traffic barrels beside them, and one looking like a botanical replica of The Egg in Albany."

This year, things are different for the spirea. They've been allowed to grow naturally, and they now almost have the shape that nature intended them to have.

I expect we owe this lovely change to the influence and intervention of Friends of the Public Square (FOPS).


  1. Tulips look nice, too, around the ugly pool with the Christmas tree stand still inside.
    Now if Rob Perry would get rid of the cones, things might look decent

  2. Vince Mulford, God rest his soul, would be very happy to see those spirea bushes. Congrats to FOPS for their efforts.