Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Bicentennial of Lafayette's Farewell Tour

HudsonValley 360 has an article today about the plans to dedicate a Lafayette marker on the lawn of the Greene County Courthouse in Catskill on Tuesday, May 16: "Catskill to mark visit of Revolutionary War hero." 

Washington and Lafayette at the Battle of Yorktown, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Hudson is to get a similar marker, to be installed at the waterfront, but it is not known when that will happen or if there will be any ceremony to mark the occasion. Gossips has posted a couple of times about Lafayette's visit to Hudson on September 17, 1824, and the differing accounts of what transpired. Those posts can be read here and here. It seems Hudson had made elaborate plans to welcome the hero, but time constraints prevented him from participating in most or all (depending on the account you read) of the festivities. For this reason, Hudson's Lafayette Trail marker will be positioned at the waterfront, where Lafayette would have arrived and departed, perhaps not even disembarking from the steamer James Kent, which was carrying him up the river to Albany.

Update: No sooner had this post been published than a reader contacted me to say that the Lafayette marker has already been installed in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park. When it was placed there is not known--not known to Gossips, that is.


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  1. I prefer to believe the account in your original post, which is backed up by Byrne Fone's comment and study for his book Historic Hudson. It may have been a short visit but it sounds like quite the event.