Thursday, May 4, 2023

Of Interest

Roger Hannigan Gilson reports today in the Times Union that Claire Cousin, currently serving as First Ward supervisor, intends to challenge Didi Barrett for her seat in the State Assembly: "Didi Barrett to be challenged from left in Assembly primary." Cousin made the announcement yesterday afternoon during a protest at Barrett's Poughkeepsie office.

Photo: Roger Hannigan Gilson | Times Union
Cousin's announcement is especially interesting in light of the fact that in February, when announcing his intention to run for reelection, Mayor Kamal Johnson indicated that he was "keeping the door open" to challenging Barrett for the Assembly seat: "Johnson announces reelection bid and does not rule out Assembly run."

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  1. FWIW the folks behind Clair don't look so thrilled. One guy is looking out the window and the other is holding a signed ogling one of the women. BTW - what does "The power belongs to us" even mean? Good luck Clair trying to unseat Didi.