Saturday, May 20, 2023

What Once Was There

Hudson is unusual for many reasons. One of them is that there is a plant nursery on the main street. 

For anyone who has ever wondered what happened to allow this oasis of blooming things to exist in this location, Gossips discovered part of the answer today in the recent scans at

The building that once stood at 252 Warren Street was the original home of Steiner's Sports Center and also housed a restaurant called DeWitt's Tavern. The building was destroyed by fire on a bitter cold Sunday in January 1965. Gossips found this account of the fire, which appeared in the Saratogian on the following day, February 1, 1965


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  1. Compliments to Ben Eaton whose 'Secret Gardener' has stood in that spot for many, many years, and whose early vision enabled him to purchase the lot and the rubble that was left on the lot and he has made a beautiful green and shady space out of it.