Monday, May 22, 2023

Restore NY Grants Announced

Today, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the recipients of $112.9 million in Restore New York Communities Initiative grants. Seventy projects throughout the state received funding, and one of them is right here in Hudson. The project to redevelop the former Kaz site to create "a vibrant new arts and food district" was awarded $1.5 million in Restore NY funds.

Back in January, the Common Council had to decide if the City would support this project or the adaptive reuse of the Pocketbook Factory for Restore NY funding. The vote was 7 to 4 to support the project planned for the Kaz site.

The full list of projects to receive Restore NY funding can be found here.


  1. Remind me: who is supposedly going to use this space? I only ask because the renderings show open spaces and greenery, with people sitting around. I'd like to see a rendering of what it will look like mid-January, when Hudson is pretty much empty, with gray skies, a foot of snow and temps in the teens. Or is this an in-season only spot (May-Oct)? Not my problem, but if so, how do you make any money on that?

  2. Glad to see more positive development on the waterfront! Colarusso is going to have a hard time running their crappy gravel operation with so many good amenities popping up.

    1. I appreciate the "good amenity" sentiment, but how long will be business last with the "crappy gravel operation" kicking up dust and making a racket just outside their front door? This isn't ON the water it's on Front Street. Big difference.

  3. Don't you worry. They will keep on truckin.

  4. The more things like this, the better.